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I am (was) in the transcription portion of the Medical Transcription course.After a break due to moving, I just discovered today (by looking for an answer key to a transcription assignment online) that the VLC does not exist anymore.

I have all my receipts, assignments, and grades printed out in a binder. I'm shocked, angry and want my money back. I paid $873.95 on February 19th of 2009 for the MT Course-Expert Certificate. I spent almost an entire year studying medical terminology while juggling 5 kids and hectic family schedules only to find that what I was working towards is nonexistent.

You'd better believe I'm pissed. I won't be taking any online courses again unless it's part of an accredited college or university.

I'd like any info anyone has as

Review about: Mt Course Certificate.



Wow!You all didn't pay that much at all.

I'm sorry you were robbed out of your money and did not complete it, that is just so wrong on many levels. I payed almost 2,000 for my course. It took me a year to finish as I was working 12-hour days at my factory job that was moving to Mexico. I landed a job at a company nearby for six months and then finally accepted to work from home after several hundred resumes being sent out.

I have now been working from home from the same company for 10 years now. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Is there any way to find out if there is a court order from multiple clients ordering them to pay clients back?

This is the first I'm hearing of it closing, but then again it has been many years since I gone there.Sorry again :(


I just happened to do a search for this school to find out what the latest was.I did hear the school had closed at one point and reopened under new management.

I graduated with VLC in August 2003 in only 8 months' time. I keep reading so many who take long breaks, like 2 or more years-- a huge no no IMO. I'm so sorry to hear of so many that were unable to complete the course due to school closing and losing their money. I also read someone graduated a couple years ago and has yet to find a job.

I landed a job a week out of school and am now working for my current company just over 3 years typing ER for a hospital in NC bringing home net pay $3000+/month (and climbing), full-time status. I think those having trouble finding employment need to blame themselves rather than the course itself if you're not passing the tests.

Again, so sorry to those who were unable to complete the course and lost your money.Just unacceptable.






The VLC disappeared so I can't finish my studies.

Bullhead City, Arizona 71 comments
Not resolved

On April 20, 2005, I paid $1457.95 for a course with The VLC. On February 02, 2007, I paid an additional $449 for the internship program. I have kept all past emails and correspondence, including receipts for payment and grades.

I was in the last part of the program and the school has disappeared. For the past several weeks, there have been no responses to emails or submitted assignments. In the latter part of November, 2009, I attempted to access the school forum and check my grades. I could not do either. I assumed there was a problem with the website and waited several weeks. In December 2009, I attempted again to contact the instructors and access the site. I can still access the site but no grades or forum. Emails are bounced back. Telephone numbers are disconnected. On December 23, I filed a complaint with the Ontario Canada BBB. On December 24, I saw notification that the company "appears to be out of business" on the BBB site.

Their student recruitment website is still up. There are several reputable organizations' logos on the bottom of the page, and a blurb that says " The Virtual Learning Center are proud members of AHIMA, AMBA, AAPC, adhi, and BBB". They are not. I have been in contact with 2 other VLC students and we have all been doing research. One student questioned these organizations. AHIMA claims never to have heard of them and their BBB membership has expired. She has not yet received replies from the others.

There are several names associated with the VLC. Owners are Stephen B. St. Louis, Bill Redford and Pat Filice. Others are Amy Rudd, Ken Mack, and instructors Carol Simpson and Linda Najar (who claims to be 'exclusive transcriber to the president of On-time Transcription').. Alternate methods of contacting these people have failed.

They are/were owned by a group called Mindsplore (Stephen B. St. Louis, Bill Redford and Pat Filice), along with This is the information that is on their website;

Canada: Virtual Learning Center, 143 Main St. East, Suite 203, Hamilton, ON L8N 1G4 Canada

USA: Virtual Learning Center, 1925 Pine Ave., Suite 9035, Niagara Falls, NY 14301 U.S.A.

Phone : (905) 521-2193, Toll Free : (866) 539-1901, Fax : (905) 521-9799 (24 hr.)

Email : Hours : Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST (NONE OF WHICH IS WORKING)

Please assist me in resolving this. I want my money back, and I certainly don't want this happening to anyone else. I now have to begin researching other schools, who will not accept any grades or give credit for what I have learned. I have already asked. This is a time-sensitive issue, as my fulltime job ended last week, and I need to start back at square one. Not only am I out the $2000 that I paid, I have nothing to show for all of the work that I have completed.

Review about: Internship.



So, after some health and family issues and continuing through some of my textbooks, I finally get a chance to get started with the virtual correspondence to find out the same as what many of have posted here.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #351030

I too paid for the program.However, I was told in '08 that the program did not support VISTA operating systems.

I was floored because that was all you could get on a laptop. I explained how I just got a lap top and that was the operating system. They told me too bad, maybe in the future. So I stopped putting forth the efforts.

They would not refund my money then. I went another direction, now I am heading back to where the transcription began (WI) and was interested in seeing if they had upgraded to VISTA.

Can't find 'em.Saw this post....go figure right?!


I also got ripped off by the VLC----same story as students above and no way to reach anyone or get in touch with anybody. Please help--anyone??

Susan Cain








Pat Filice recently ran for Mayor of Hamilton Ontario Canada in the Oct 2010 election.

He is a Lawyer in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

Filice Law 372 Stone Church Rd east, Postal code L9B 1B1, tel 905 912-2425, 905 383-0828

As for Stephen St.Louis his last address was 29 Mountain Avenue in Hamilton Ontario, Canada postal code l8P 4E8, tel 905 523 0560.

Try calling these numbers.

I hope this helps you na dyou can get your money back.


Sorry for your loss


I'm contacting a a Class Actiion Litgation Attorney on Monday to see if I can get this resolved.However, it will take more than just myself for this lawsuit.

If he should decide to take it, he will need more than just my word. By helping me out, you will also be helping yourselves out as well. We all went into this course to help ourselves out.

We need to stand together and let them know, that we're NOT going to let them rip us off in this fashion.Please let me know if you are in at:


I too signed up for this course, and forked over $3000 in one payment.Sure,I received my materials, and a few of the online lessons.

I had to take a break in the course and when I tried to go back into it and low and behold I can't. Let me know if any of you have or are receiving any help in getting our money back.

Thank you!!


I thought about signing up a few years ago....I just saw all your complaints.Will keep you in my prayers.

Hope you all get your money back.:roll


I turned in a dispute with my credit card company and got my money back.I did belong to a group that was trying to figure out what was going on.

I guess his wife refused to give the money back to all of the students. I think they knew they were going to close down because the school went from 50 some employees to 3 when the school closed. There was one girl in the group that had her money taken from her after the school knew they were closing down so that would be considered as fraud. We contacted the police department in Canada and the guy working on the case said there was not fraud even though we had evidence.

There wasn't anywhere we could go with it.Good luck to everyone and I hope there is a solution, they shouldn't be able to get away with this.


Yup same here, I signed at the end of 2007, juggled 2 other jobs and was finally at the end of the transcription course when.....One day the site wasn't working! My money over 3000$ gone. If there is a list of people doing a law suit please let me know, I can't afford the loss.


I too paid for this class back in 2007 and did not get a chance to look at it until 2009.If anyone hears of anything happening with this company, please let me know!

We should definitely go after them to get our money back, but I don't even know where to start.

If anyone has gotten anywhere, please email me and keep me in contact, because I would like to be involved!


I too signed up for their medical transcription expert program.After probably three of the roughest years of my life, two new children, and many other things to list.

I went back to gear back up into the transcription. Considering the times, I figured chipping away at over three hundred hours would be a good idea, and then.... there is just this window... with nothing else on it...

just stating how the owner died. Um, three thousand dollars and A LOT of time wasted. Wow. If you do hear anything, that would be swell.

If you need help doing research to get to the bottom of it, Please email me...I'm actually pretty good at it.


Please add me to the list too. I was also ripped off although I paid 3 payments of 998.33 Crazy I know



I paid for and started this course back in Nov 09, nothing was mentioned about the owners illness etc, It took me over 1yr to build the courage and basic knowledge to spend such a large amount of money on this course, I checked and double checked that the company was reputable, but like others I too have lost my money along with my confidence.... any update's on this matter! please keep me informed.




Add another one to the list!!!Where did all our money go?

And I researched this company so carefully to make sure it was not an online scam....I am so sick about this wasted time and money.

I would fight to get out money back if I knew how...Please contact me with any information about action being taken.


I paid for the course almost two years ago, and procrastinated until now.Imagine my surprise when I find out this company is done!

I'm so pissed because there are lots of other things that my money could have gone towards!

My email is: if anyone gets anything going!I would if I knew where to start!


i cannot find a website under the name of

it states they are under construction.

this is completely ridiculous.


My daughter and I had completed about 2/3's of the Medical Transcription Course when we realized they just weren't there anymore.We are still shocked and angered by their total disregard of our time and money.

We spent countless hours studying and taking tests and then even more hours listening and "re-listening" as we attempted to complete the actual transcription part of the course. It is unbelievable that they have been able to just steal from all of us the way that they did. There is no money sitting around in our lives waiting to be spent on another course.

We have been robbed.Surely there is something that we can do.


Same thing happened to me.So Mr.


Louis passed away - ?Seems like there's better ways this could have been handled.


Sign me up for the class suit!I started medical transcription in 2008, and at the end of 2009, was just about to begin the transcription part when I found out that they just shut down, just like that.

I lost $1,000, and so much time and effort...

it's not


I too started back in 2007 and could not finish the course at the time due to health reasons.I was told I could take as long as I wanted to finish the course and when I went to log in the site was gone.

I cannot afford to pay for another transcription course because I am on a limited income.I am so upset right now that words cannot describe it!

If anyone knows of a class action suit please email me at


Please let me know if you find out anything about them.I paid for the course several years ago and had to stop for a while but i was told there was no time limit on completing the couse.

I was more than half the way through it & wanted to finish it but could never access the web page. Contact me @ with any info.

on a lawsuit or whatever you find out.Thank you so very much.

Hindman, Kentucky, United States #122141

I was also ripped off by the VLC. Please add me to the list of people to be kept in the loop, because I want my money back as well


I am also in the same situation.I paid over $2500.00 for the coding/billing/transcription classes with the internship.

I have over 97% GPA and was nearing the end of the transcription -- now?

I, too, would like information about any action.

I will be contacting an attorney.ashkelon at gmail d com


My husband has suffered strokes making me do something from home to get education.I enrolled in VLC for the medical transcription certificate course and like everyone else, it seems to have been scammed.

If this had not been the last of my money, I would hunt them down and sue them. I feel pretty *** to trust them and angry that they took me.

Please let me in on anything that can be done.I have filed a complaint with the BBB.


I too paid in full for the Medical Transcription program back in July. If anyone hears how to get their money back, or any other details about this, please keep me in the loop!


I enrolled in the VLC school in 2007.I tried logging on to my class after Christmas break only to find out the school had closed.

It has cost me approximately $1200.00 to take the medical transcription advanced course. I paid for my class in full. I worked very hard on the class and was almost finished. I do not think it is fair that so many people who worked so hard and paid so much money for completion to have the school to just disappear.

VLC didn't even show us th respect to let us know in advance that they were closing. We cannot retrieve our grades or have the transfered to a reputable school so that we migh be able to finish and get our degree. It's so hard to believe that VLC could play with our lives like that. I wa hoping to supplement my social security by working part time as a Medical Transcripsionist.

Your company owes all of us better answers than what we've gotten to this point.

They owe us back our money.I feel like we should sue or do something to retaliate against the VLC.


Same thing happened to me, I was halfway through and had taken a few months off because some personal matters came up that couldn't be avoided :( Then to log back in and find out it is gone! No warning, no notice, no refund, all that time, energy, hardwork and money wasted! I am a single mom with no job and was counting on finishing the course and working from home to look after my kids no I have no idea what to do!


I just started the transcription portion of the course after taking time off due to a recent move only to find that the course doesn't exist anymore.I'm shocked and angry and want my money back.

I will NEVER take an online course again unless it is through an accredited college or university.

Please add me to the list of people to keep in the


Like everyone else, I too want my money back. Because I was afraid of something like this happening, I signed up for the medical coding class through the workforce development of my local college at a cost of about 1400.00.

Tidewater Community College apparently outsource me to the JER Group ( I have no idea what that is) who outsourced me to the VLC.

Come to find out the VLC only charges about 700.00 for the course. Anyway....I had complained many times about the VLC because I was told the instructor was a medical coder, yet, he wouldn't respond to any questions and after I complained, he finally responded but guess what, he could never answer my questions. His answers were always...."apparently my answer was correct and theirs must be a typo". But I never received credit.

I took a break from the frustration and learned he strangely left and now they had a new instructor. But I can't complete the course now because they closed.

If anyone knows of a class action suit please post the information.


i already finished my medical terminology course but they did not send me my certificate and i started medical coding course, now i cant continue what we do ?..if any one get any information please forward to


I was just in the beginning stages of working on the course, although I have had the information for over 2 years now.If you hear of anything that seems to be going on, please let me know.

I had to argue with them at one point not to charge me extra for the computer they never sent me, or stopped sending out. I am very interested in what will become of this and I would really like to finish a medical transcription course. I paid over $2100 for the course as well.

Please keep me in the loop!Thank you!


:sigh Woe, this is not what i bargained for.I am so disappointed.

I was about to try and do some studies when i have realized that all of this has happened.

Please include me if there is a group going after VLC with attorneys.Contact me



I too have been screwed by the VLC.I am out $3500+.

I was stiving for that 95% so I could start a home business. I redid certain parts over to gain those marks. I feel so cheated! I have been looking into what I can do to get my money back.

I had paid in full by credit card. I phoned my credit card company to see if they could help. They said that a cardholder has 30 days to voice a complaint, but have taken my info and are looking into it. They are launching an investigation and said they will do whatever they can to help me retrieve my money back.

I have to provide certain documents.

I hope this info will provide others who have paid by credit card another avenue of recovering your money.I will keep you all posted of my situation and will continue to keep track of all of your.


I as well was almost completed when they dissapeared.... I paid over 4000.00 for my course and dont know what to do now. any info on who to contact or lawyers names that are helping any one else with this issue would be great



I too was almost finished my MT course. I have also filed two complaints with the BBB, one for Canada and one for Niagara Falls, NY (as this was the address that showed up on my credit card bill for the VLC). I also contacted a lawyer and he advised my to contact the Consumer Protection Board of NY, which I did, I filed a complaint with them as well.

I will check back on this website for any new informtaion, and if i find anything out i will be sure to post it.

extremely upset and pissed off!!


***!I was stuck on CD1-1-60, and thought I'd take a break.

I came back today to find my course no longer exists. Nice.

I should have known something was up when I had to teach myself everything, and all the ERRORS I noticed on their cheat sheets!For crying out loud!


I too cannot finish. Please include me in on any new info.


I am so upset right now.I took a break from the transcription course for the holidays and just found out about the VLC.

I signed up in September 2009 and received my last shipment Dec 2nd.

I was so looking forward to finishing and being able to work from home.Now I have nothing to show for it and out the money.

I too would like to be contacted with any additional information


I'm sorry to all of us.I posted earlier on about the MTstars site and how LyndaR had posted a comment about the lawsuit.

Well, I can't seem to get a responce from her or find any new info. about this topic on that site. My hands are up in the air ladies......what do we do???? Surley with all of us complaing to the BBB of Canada we can get a settlement or their help in pursing this further.

My email address is please feel free to contact me with any new info.Thanks!!


I was a VLC student too.

I thought there was technical problems at first.Then it became very clear that it was much worse.

I was stuck on the grammar test and was trying to log on to take that test on 12/26/2009.

After it became clear that things were very bad, I did file a complaint with the BBB and contacted our local news consumer reports department. I am waiting to hear back from BBB. They ask 30 days for them to get investigations started. I would like repayment for the program.

I was paying for something that is clearly not being delivered.I would like to know if there will be additional action taken regarding the VLC.


I too am in shock and upset by this.I was even in contact with them in December and there was no mention of anything.

Everything seems to have disappeared.

I want my money refunded so I can at least start over with hopefully another course!If anyone has any info on this situation or lawsuits please contact me!


I am also a VLC student.I only have a few assignments left at this point.

My finals are complete and I have maintained a very high average. I want my certification. If this is not possible I would like my money back!!

Please e-mail me at if anyone has any further info.Thanks!


I am also extrememly pissed off.This is the second time that I have researched and been screwed by a Medical Transcription on line course.

I have been trying to find out if there is any way to get our money back, but I have also only run into walls.

If anyone knows of any lawsuits that will be happening against these bastards I would really like to know.Legally they shouldn't be able to do this.


I too was in the last part of my medical transcription.I have been working on it for about two years, because I have been going to school full time, had a baby, and then am just about to have another baby.

I am also interested in getting my money back!If anyone has any information on how we can get a hold of these people or who we need to talk to, please let me know.



Sounds like a lot of us were almost finished with the course when this happened.I was counting on the income also.

I would be happy to join any group to find out what recourse we can take. Am really surprised this happened. The VLC has been around at least since 2004 and I hadn't heard any complaints except slow grading of assignments! I will also look at the site.

Thank you for starting this site.I was really wondering if I was the only one not finding any information.


Exactly my thoughts! I can't believe this is happening now - I only have six files left to turn in before I completed the course.

Where are we to turn to now? At least to get our money back???

Any help please....


I'm furious. I also was in the process of submitting the final transcriptions for grading when the course disappeared. No notification at all, and there's no way to contact them.

I'm out $1458.95, plus all the time I've put into this course.

I'd like a refund and information on an accredited medical transcription course.

If anyone has any information at all, please contact me at


I too have not be able to get on the website I took 3 months off to have my baby and just tried getting on there today and found all this info out.If you guys have any info for me or on what I can do please email me at kimcessnun@hotmail.comThanks


If anyone has any further information about the VLC or lawsuits or anything, please let me know! I was also into the transcription portion of my program.



I still can't figure out how to get in contact with LyndaR.I went on to the website, but can't find her.

I have spent hours trying to look for her. I will try again, but if anyone can give me some info on how to reach her, an email address or anything, please let me know.

Again, my email address is!


I'm so upset about this situation too.I feel we have all been scammed.

I also replied to LyndaR on MTStars about the lawsuit. I don't know if it's started yet because I haven't heard from her yet.

I'm willing to do whatever to get my money back.I've invested a year in the MT program and all that money as well.


join this group:

maybe we all can do something about this.


Jayde, I can't find her on that website, if you could, you can get a hold of me at Thanks!


I am a student of the VLC who was halfway through the billing & coding program.If anyone has any information about where I go from here or who I can contact about getting my money back so I can start over somewhere legitimate, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

I really don't know what to


Brenda, go to and Reply to LyndaR's posting....if you cannot reach her or have difficulty finding her posting...reply to me on this website we can see how we can get in contact with each other...I am an ex vlc student


I just purchased the supermax course, which was $3200, that included an internship program.I had to buy a new computer with that, which was an additional $1500.

I paid for the course the middle of November, so if they were already having problems at that time, they should have told me. I spoke with "Mitch" several times and he didn't say a word. It really makes me mad they would take so much money.

I have not even had a chance to take a test yet and have not gotten all of my books, the first shipment they said some of the books were backordered.I get more mad the more I think about it


The vlc site will be running again, but of course no does that help? Isnt that the most important part? and how about work placement?


Last night the web site posted this:

NOTICE: Please note that the websites and are under new ownership. The owner Stephen St. Louis lost his battle with lung cancer recently, which has been very hard on the family and friends. Due to this loss and current economic times, the IHA (Independent Homeworkers Alliance) and the VLC (Virtual Learning Center) are ceasing business operations. However, the websites will still function. Please also note random ups and downs of the websites in the coming days/weeks due to server updates, DNS propogation, etc.


The VLC course sites should be up and running soon for current students and grads instead of redirecting to this site. As the IHA, any rebilling will cease. There will be no instructor assistance obviously. More info to follow as it becomes available. "

Now what good does it do to keep the website up if we can't access assignments nor have anyone grade them?


I'm out $2000 and was about to start dictations - now what?


Hello, the same exact thing has happened to me!If you have anymore information please contact me at

I am a student as well and I'm interested in pursuing legal action if I can't get my money back. Please contact me with any info.

I had invested a lot into this course, and it will severely affect my family.Thank you.


I, too, am in the same boat as all of you.I paid $1500 for the course in April 2008 and was in the last part of my transcription also.

This is such *** to invest our money and time into something and then get scammed! I never dreamed of it. So, what has the BBB done about this?

Can they even do anything?We students as paying customers should be able to finish our course or at least be reimbursed, because isn't this considered FRAUD?


We would like to contact all the ex-VLC students who have responded here. Please join us on under the New MTs forum. Together we can see what can be done.


In re: the below statement regarding possible death of owner--according to several sources, there are still 2 co-owners of Mindsplore (supposedly the parent company of VLC). They are Bill Redford and Pat Filice. Where the heck are they, and why were they still taking students' money well into December?


The following was placed on another site where I aired my complaint:

"Hi. I too am the victim of this shutdown. I was almost finished with the transcription portion and had paid for the internship as well! When my files did not come back, I contacted a girl I knew was in the internship program to ask what was going on. She said Linda cut her off on Monday December 14th. Linda said the owner had died and nobody told her so she resigned due to not getting her paycheck. She told the girl not to tell anyone but the VLC would be shutting down for good. Nice, huh?

This whole ordeal seems planned to me. They knew they would be shutting down but they kept taking people's money. From your post it seems the owner dying was a lie anyway.

Thank you for posting the initial report. I know there were people that had just recently signed up."

I don't know whether anyone died or not. If so, then why "don't tell anyone"? Come on! If one of the owners really died, then why not place a notice on the website? What's the secret? Linda Najar said nobody told her? Puhleeze! Then why didn't she answer inquiries once she found out? Why hide? I'm sorry if there truly was a death, but this isn't the way to wrap up someone's affairs! Why was the BBB discontinued as of December 23? Why is a notice on that it's been sold? And why did VLC (both school and advertising site) disappear AFTER we began questioning? And BBB says VLC "appears" to be out of...

What a coincidence!

Show more

Hello fellow VLC students...It seems that we are all in the same boat.I invested almost $3500 for my course which included a laptop and almost 3 years of my time.

I am very hurt and annoyed by the lack of common decency that VLC hasn't stepped forward to explain what happened. At least give us an explanation. I think that's what we all want the most and of course are hard earned money back!!!! I found VLC to be reputable as well and now I get this thrown in my face--I was down to 8 assignments to go!!!

If anyone has got in touch with anyone affiliated with the VLC please let me know so I could give them a piece of my mind.

Moving on and elsewhere to fullfill my dream job is all I have left to do!:(


Please tell me this isnt true..I am almost finished with this course...does anyone have any further information? I am at my wits end I have put a lot of time and effort into this course as have a lot of you...i like others thought this was a reputable course, but it seems that this is not the case. I am available asap for contact, Trying to remain calm here as at this time of recession, money is tight and i paid alot of money for this course


Please please please tell me this is not true! I am in the final stages of my medical transcription study also and I have been trying to get hold of them now for the past few weeks as i cannot log on or even get onto their forum. I am available asap should anyone want to contact me.


I just got all my stuff throw the mail and went to take my first test today and can't get on the web page. I paid them 1100.00 check what can we do about this?


Have you tried contacting them? If you have any better luck than I, please let me know, but there are 2 other students who are having the same problems.


Please tell me this isn't true!I too am almost finished with this course.

I have 5 more assignments to be graded, then the finals. I have put so much time into this course. I can't believe this!! I chose VLC simply because they were members of BBB.

I am melt down right now. Don't know what to do.

Could we not be transfered to another online course to complete?That is the least VLC could do!!

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